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Imitation is key for all learning, especially learning to talk! The Imitation Book is full of silly sounds and play actions intended to help young children on their unique journey to learning how to talk by first learning how to imitate! 


Imitation Book was written by Stephanie Anderson, a first time mother and pediatric speech-language pathologist. Stephanie's passion for helping young children learn to find their voice inspired this book. With the help of this fun, interactive book, your child will learn how to imitate simple actions, play sounds, and then real words! 


Best for children ages birth through 4 years old.

Imitation Book

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  • The Imitation Book is a great place to start in helping your young child learn to talk! By imitating simple actions and play sounds, your child will learn a key skill for learning how to talk. 

    Imitation is such an important step in helping a toddler learn to talk! Many times we expect a toddler with no words to begin trying to copy our sounds or words long before he is developmentally ready. Teaching him how to imitate actions and simple sounds is really where we should begin! 

    This book features:

    • Simple actions and play sounds for you to model for your child
    • Colorful images that will grab and keep your toddler's attention
    • LOTS of fun for connecting with your little one!
    • Tips for how to best engage your child while "reading" the Imitation Book
  • Free shipping within the United States! 

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