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Welcome to Twin Cities Speech Therapy!

Twin Cities Speech Therapy is a private in-home therapy practice that specializes in providing exceptional speech therapy services for children in the Minnetonka Lake/Wayzata area! 


Twin Cities Speech Therapy provides free screenings, comprehensive evaluations and individualized therapy sessions for children 18 months and up with a range of diagnoses, including, late talkers, receptive and expressive language delays, and articulation delays. Therapy sessions are conveniently provided in your home and/or in the community.


The therapists at Twin Cities Speech Therapy are energetic, fun, and ready to focus on your child’s individual needs! Contact us today to learn more about all that Twin Cities Speech Therapy has to offer! 

Our Mission


Communication is one of our greatest gifts and affects who we are, how we feel, and how we interact with others. Twin Cities Speech Therapy is committed to helping all children gain confidence in their ability to communicate and connect with others in a fun and engaging environment with speech therapists that provide exceptional services.

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