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Speech Therapy 

Kid Playing with Bubble

Is your child difficult to understand? Is your child not meeting the recommended speech-language milestones?Twin Cities Speech Therapy offers free speech and language screenings to families who are concerned about their child’s speech and language development.

A speech and language screening gives us the opportunity to chat about your concerns and decide together if an evaluation is warranted. Evaluations may include standardized formal assessment(s) and/or informal screening tools, a speech-language or play sample, and a case history intake with parents. A written report will be provided at a follow-up meeting to discuss the results of the evaluation and to determine a plan of care. If we determine that your child would benefit from speech/language therapy, an individualized treatment plan will be created and services will begin. 

Therapy at Twin Cities Speech Therapy is provided in a one-on-one (one therapist to one child) setting. Parents are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions and are given individual instruction on how to continue therapy activities at home.


Many children participate in therapy at Twin Cities Speech Therapy in addition to receiving school-based therapy.

Twin Cities Speech Therapy also evaluates and treats many children who do not meet the strict criteria needed to qualify for school-based services. Many children who do not qualify for services in the school may still benefit from therapy services.

Twin Cities Speech Therapy specializes in the following: 

Early Language Delays ("Later talkers")

Language delays and disorders

Articulation disorder


Autism spectrum disorder

Phonological disorders


Auditory processing disorders

Down Syndrome and other congenital syndromes

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