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"Our family needed to find private speech therapy for our 4 year old son over the summer months and truly hit the jackpot with Stephanie at Twin Cities Speech Therapy. Our son looked forward to his speech sessions each week and was engaged during the full hour with fun games she incorporated into their work. Stephanie is very skilled at what she does and we saw immediate improvement in our son's speech from their sessions. She also gave thorough updates to my husband and myself so we could incorporate additional practice at home. My son is now 5 and within weeks of "graduating" from his school-based therapy! We would highly recommend Stephanie for anyone searching for private speech therapy for their children." - Mandy S.

" We are so thankful that we found Stephanie! We have loved working with her for the past 5-6 months. My daughter is always happy to see her and has made a lot of progress. Stephanie is so great at what she does and always gives us very helpful and fun ideas to improve our daughter's language skills and keep her engaged. I highly recommend! - Jennifer W.

"Stephanie is amazing. She connected with my daughter that to her it felt like a play date! Stephanie was wonderfully engaging even virtually over Google Meets (which is tough with a 7-year-old)! My girl looked forward to her weekly meetings and in a short time she overcame her speech issues. We couldn't have done it without Stephanie. I would very highly recommend her." - Sarah H.

"Twin Cities Speech Therapy has been a blessing to our daughter Ashley. She began receiving services over a year and a half ago. Initially, she was seen by Ms. Stephanie at her school/daycare. Once Summer came we knew we wanted to continue working with TC Speech Therapy. We transistioned to in-home sessions this summer. Ms. Kenzie began working with Ashley and is an outstanding speech therapist. She has made an instant connection with Ashley. Ms. Kenzie always goes above and beyond to help her. The progress and growth that my daughter has made is truly unbelievable. Kenzie's communication is wonderful as well. She is always communicating with me regularly. She provides wonderful feedback and ideas/tools to help me and my family continue to build upon the work and progress she has made with Ashley. . Ms. Kenzie has always made my daugther feel safe and comfortable. She provides at atmosphere of fun and utlizes games that build upon her lessons each week. It is a perfect environment for success. We are so thankful." - Heather S.

"Six stars, if I could!! Stephanie is so easy to like, so fun to be around and SO good at what she does!! We honestly feel so fortunate we met her and she was able to make huge improvements in our son's speech. Prior to meeting Stephanie, our son would get fairly quiet around other kids - mainly because we felt like he wanted to converse but he didn't know how to. Fast forward to only 5 months of working with Stephanie, he is now able to keep up in conversation with kids much older than himself and his confidence is so much better! She is well prepared and thorough - I think everyone who works with her will be very impressed by her. A++" - Megan L.

"We are so thankful to have found Stephanie! She worked with my son over the summer and we saw some amazing improvements. She is so clearly skilled and is very impressive. She taught us some really helpful tips and tricks and, even when my son was outside playing with friends, he happily stopped whatever he was doing when Miss Stephanie showed up. She's more than capable of keeping an overactive 4-year-old boy engaged. I can't say enough good things about her. We're going to see how the school year speech goes now but I won't hesitate to start services up here again if district services aren't going well or for next summer." - Jenna B.

"In the time Stephanie has worked with my toddler grandson she has been spot-on with her assessment and recommendations. While he is normally reserved around new people, he took to her immediately. We definitely recommend Stephanie!" - Monica W.

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